About us

This project comes to life to give an answer to all the aphorisms’ lovers who read our book and wanted more. A toast to you!

The success of the first edition of Rag Aphorisms by Hernán Compá, illustrated by Vivian Leila Campillo López, led to a second book, The Complete Rag Aphorisms, launched in Frankfurt Book Fair 2019. Throughout there was a recurrent demand: people wanted to ”literally wear” their favorite sentence. The team of editors in Afobook had never tried anything like that but they were thrilled by the challenge.

The author gave permission and the illustrator adapted the concept to all kinds of products so that Rag Aphorisms’ lovers could really make a choice to enjoy in their everyday life: T-shirts, tops, sweatshirts, hoodies, socks, tote bags, baby body suits, laptop sleeves, mugs and pillows. All showing the intriging, mysterious, funny or simply “simple” quotes form the book in a decorative way. Ready for the trip?

Choose your aphorism, wear your line!

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Aphorisms are 5.000 years old but they never seemed as up-to-date as in the present context where social media have been increasingly shaping a taste for concision among writers and readers. Since 2013 Afobook has made a line of work in selecting and publishing aphorisms for the avid reader who believes that brevity should not necessarily compromise depth of content and hence looks for the sharp intellectual intensity only this ancient literary genre can offer.

The Author

Hernán Compá, the author of Rag Aphorisms, was born in Rosario, Argentina, and has been living in Barcelona since 2004 to date. For 15 years he combines his professional activity in the field of finance and real state with his passion for fiction. The result is numerous stories and a colection of aphorisms. With Rag Aphorisms, he proposes his vision of life in an entertaining and fresh way.

Literary work:

  • The Black Kiss, short story (2013)

Contact: hpcompa@yahoo.com

The Illustrator

Vivian Leila Campillo López was born in Barcelona where she studied Fine Arts and Philology, specializing in Literature and Cultural Pluralism. Without neglecting her passion for literature, her trajectory in the visual arts explores photography for a while to later focus on pop-surrealist oil painting for almost a decade (www.vivianleilacampillo.com) With Rag Aphorisms she offers her first steps in illustrating texts.

Literary work:

  • Aun No Hemos Muerto, a novel (2020)
  • El Gordo Babaloo y otras historias, short stories (2013)
  • Azul Naranja, a novel (2007)

Contact: vileica@gmail.com